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We Are A Trusted Company With 30+ Years Of Experience

Chadway Investment Holding Pte Ltd is an Sinapore based investment finance company incorporated on the 23rd of October 1982 primarily into local and global investment finance to enhance startups, enterpreneurs and innovative business brands globally. Chadway Investment Holding Pte Ltd has being active for over 30+ years in the finance and trading sector which has contributed positively in Singapore.

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Private Equity

We source both direct and indirect opportunities within private equity to create businesses we believe in. Chadway Investment Holding Pte Ltd is a longest-standing and most successful private equity firm in the industry.

Real Estate

Investing in assets with strong, repeatable income where we see opportunities for growth. Unlike traditional investments, real estate assets are tangible: office buildings, warehouses, apartments and stores. They require highly specialized skill sets, broad platform capabilities and dedicated professionals to maximize return on investment.


We partner with disruptive founders to launch their ideas to market. We focus on founders passionate about transforming major industries, ranging from healthcare, infrastructure software, and security to fintech and SaaS to commerce and consumer tech. Our investments range from $1 million of seed capital through $100 million of growth equity.

Life Sciences

Our team draws on a wide range of industry expertise, clinical insights, and cross-asset class investing experience to drive progress in therapeutics, diagnostics, and tools to enhance the lives of patients with unmet medical needs.

Partnership Strategy

We seek to build long-term partnerships with talented investment teams. We have patient, long-term capital and want to collaborate to design flexible capital partnerships that are tailored for a specific strategy or situation. Presently, we concentrate on two strategies: Partnership Strategies and Emerging Markets. Our Partnership Strategies effort seeks to create partnerships with investment teams looking to launch, grow, or re-capitalize their firms. We seek specialized investment strategies that we believe are capable of generating attractive ROI.

Emerging Market

We speculate the long-term economic growth and modernization of emerging and frontier countries can generate compelling investment results for patient capital in these developing regions. Also, given the substantial inefficiencies we observe in emerging markets, we believe active management can generate investment returns meaningfully above benchmark indices.

How We Work

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Because we have very dedicated staffs who are also experienced in their work, we have the ability and capacity to manage projects and attend to customers.

  • Great Efficiency

    We are very efficient with our workflow and we deliver on time

  • Project Analysis & Budget

    We help to manage and analyse projects

  • Finance Planning

    Planning your budget and finances has never been this easy, all thanks to our very dedicated and experienced staffs

  • Growing Success

    Success is our gaol and so far we have come a long way from where we used to be


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